Ahh, Utah!

Well the afterglow of VIR for me has been nice. Not a win, but a podium is OK. Certainly makes me look for better things.

So in my time off (right)... I jumped right out of VIR into a couple of days in the office to catch up, then headed out to One Lap of America. Lots of driving, lots of racetracks, and NO sleep.

Luckily, it was a TON of fun with some good friends! I left Thursday night for that, spent over a week on the road, got back in on Sat night.

Now a smarter person would have slept for two days straight. I, on the other hand, played catchup in the BimmerWorld office (got kind of close this time!) for 2 days. That wild dash ended at 11:30 last night, head to Charlotte to jump on a plane at 7AM this morning, fly to Salt Lake City, eat some REAL Mexican food, then off to the track.

Rig gets unloaded:

Cars all snug in their garages. Time to go for a trackwalk.