Ahhh, Utah - Sucked.

No updates because I was busy chashing my tail. The team was working like a well-oiled machine, the cars were good here, and like VIR, I felt like we really had the setup on the cars where we wanted it. We didn't creep up to a solution - we spent the test days circling it and learning even more and really hit it right. Almost. Unfortunately, one final guess for my car was wrong and killed my in qualifying. I came into the pits for a change and was 0.7 sec faster by turn 7, but I caught Seth, then got over-anxious to make up for it in turn 23 and got greedy on the power. I started sliding about halfway to the trackout and it was either lift and blow the lap or stay in it and maybe pull it out. I stayed in it, looped it big, and got stock in the gravel. Turns out, that was good practice...

The race was fair. I got balked in Turn 1 by a car that went in too hot and looked like he was coming back and possibly in front of me. After checking up, I was never able to get back on Seth's tail (in front of me) and catch the draft. I punched my own hole in the air, slowly fell back. Had a nice little battle with Chip along the way. Then 2 laps until the end, I came into Turn 21 and in a split second my brake pedal went soft, my accelerator went wide open, and I launched off the track smoking all 4 tires at over 100MPH to get stuck in the gravel for the final time. I beat Galati though, who had similar luck. I won't name Tilton (oops, I mean the pedal manufacturer responsible for the launch) publicly though. Oh well - poor engineering there that grossly magnified the small leak in a caliper line. I figure if it had happened 3 laps later, that would have been lap 1 at Lime Rock and my car would be destroyed in a wall, so I guess there is a bright side.