The best things come in 3s

Or something like that. Check out the Watkins Glen in-car video on the site. That was by far the wildest wreck I have ever been in (and I have had my share...). PRetty scary stuff - I was pretty loose in the car after the second hit due to belt stretch and looking at more of the field headed directly at me. Luckily, everyone else avoided and everyone walked away from it no more than a little banged up. A testament to the safety of the cars we run and the safety gear built into them.

A week later and we have one car back from Bassen Autobody - our miracle worker. We start testing for Mido Ohio shortly. Onward and upward. The good thing is it would be pretty hard to get worse than last race!


Acura/Mazda Sandwich

Watkins Glen is one of those tracks that you love to drive at. For me I love it. This track has so much history and is such a great track to drive on. The whole week I have been pumped to be here. At the same time I think my teammates have been too. We have been working on some very new setups with out suspension that really didn't come together until the last minute with the right combination. This was qualifying for me where I put the E90 BimmerWorld 325 into 6th place. I did have a little bit of a better lap going until another car decided it was time to treat qualifying like a race. He put his nose in on me instead of trying to work together. I let him by instead of risking damage to the car and creating extra work for the crew. Tune in tomorrow for the race to find out how many positions we all advance during the race!