Southbound and Down, Loaded Up and Truckin' - James Clay

Almost. A couple of busy days here to get everything ready. The plain blue cars that we tested at Daytona a few weeks ago (and arrived back as 1.5 cars) are now fully decked out in the 2010 BimmerWorld/GearWrench livery. Lots of vinyl laid down yesterday and today and they look great! Vinyl was my contribution, which is seemingly the best job for the team owner. "What can I do to help? Oh, go put on some stickers? OK, I'll do that"... At least I still feel important, and that's what matters.

Our team's good friend and miracle-worker Steve Bassen may deserve more credit than my decal job. In 1 week, he turned around our testing wreck that required a right side replacement (yup - all of the right side) into something straight and shiny. I can't express enough how important it is to our success to have a body shop that understands racing and will return our cars quickly and with all the parts we need.

The guys had to work Sunday to finish up the assembly and all the equipment. With pit stops now in the mix, we had to add some gear and to make it all manageable, we built more carts to have everything in its place and able to roll out of the trailer in an assembly with minimal digging.

I preach this so often at schools and to drivers I work with - get EVERYTHING ready before the event. There will be enough work that pops up once you get there so the notion of "I'll just do that at the track" is one to be avoided at all costs. We have about 10 checklists that have all been gone over to make sure everything in its place, including everything from a car nut and bolt and electronics systems to our decal list. I am pretty sure we won't be sitting on our hands trying to fill the time in Florida though.

Everyone here has done an awesome job with their part of making our team successful. I am headed out tomorrow morning, driving down. Lots of rules to re-read over and over so it all flows without questions out on the track. In about 36 hours, we strap in for real and I can't wait!