Barber - karting and testing - David White

Since we are sharing the weekend with the Indy cars, our schedule consists of several half days at the track. We should have a lot more down time than usual this week/weekend so I'm going to attempt (heavy emphasis on attempt) to update the blog throughout the event.

Tuesday - James, Chas, and I met in Charlotte to ride to Alabama together and we stopped off in Atlanta on the way down to sneak in a few hours of karting. We met up with Wayne (our engineer) and Seth at the kart track which is in a huge warehouse and is the longest indoor kart track I've ever driven on. The track is slick with a nice variety of corners which makes it an excellent learning tool. Wayne has roughly 3 billion laps there so he knows what it takes to be fast (smooth inputs and patience) which directly translates to our CTSCC cars. If you've ever karted with the BimmerWorld guys, you know that either somebody will leave with injuries or the group will get kicked off the track (or both). Surprisingly, we played (mostly) nice and there were no major injuries to report.

Wednesday: Promoter Test Day - Wednesday consisted of about 3 hours of track time crammed in to the afternoon (ie. very busy afternoon). Bill and I started the cars in the first session and ran them until the fuel light came on. The team practiced full speed pit stops and driver changes when we came in. The rest of the first session and most of the second session was spent trying some setup changes and getting the cars dialed in. During the second session, our #80 car developed a vibration but James and I were both able to get some good laps in. The 3rd session was immediately following the second session so James and I skipped it while the the crew diagnosed and repaired the issue. Although short, Wednesday was a very productive day.

I woke up to heavy thunder this morning (Thursday) with rain forecasted for most of the day. Although it is supposed to be dry the rest of the week, the wet conditions should provide a valuable testing opportunity for future races.