Barber Wrap-Up - David White

Race day activities started with an autograph session, quick driver's meeting, and lunch followed by a few hours of waiting around. As lazy as I am, I really don't like to wait around before a race.

The pre-race procedure was different for this race because of the short time between the Rolex race and our race. That's the third different pre-race/grid procedure in three races. Once we got to our spots on grid, the "where do I go? what do I do?" worries were behind us and I could actually relax for a few minutes.

After two pace/formation laps, it was time for me to lead the ST field to the green for the first time. Set the pace, wait for it, wait for it, green flag! Whew, I made it through the start and I'm still in the lead. Before we're able to complete our first lap, the first of many full course cautions comes out. That means a few more laps behind the pace car before we get to give it another shot. The green flag flies again and we almost make it a full lap this time before the yellow comes out...again. Fortunately, after our second restart, we had a nice long, caution free run before another full course yellow came out mid race and Bill and I both pitted to hand the cars over to James and Seth. There were more cautions (shocker!) mixed in with some green flag racing and James and Seth were able to bring the BimmerWorld/GearWrench cars home in 5th and 6th place with only a few scratches on them!

Some observations:
-It was rough out there, especially for the GS class. It seemed like every GS car I saw after the race had a good bit of damage.
-The track was slow, much slower than it was in qualifying. I think the warm afternoon temperatures and all of the rubber from the Rolex race really hurt lap times.
-Our cars are heavy (but we already knew that). It was really tough to maintain a decently fast pace in our cars without destroying the tires.
-One of the RSR Mini's caught on fire several times in the pits. Very scary/wild scene and hopefully no one was injured.
-The BimmerWorld crew is amazing! They didn't miss a beat all week/weekend and they nailed the pits stops once again.

Next up is Virginia International Raceway, BimmerWorld's home track! I think everyone on the team has been looking forward to this race all year...I know I have!

-David White