Sweet Home Alabama- Well at least it isn't a Jimmy Buffet Song! - Bill Heumann

We have been having a pretty good run so far here at Barber.

Dave got P1 and I got P13. For both of us, our fastest lap times here at Barber and our best qualifying positions in the series.

The celebration back at the trailer after Dave got pole and Bill got P13.

(Actually Wayne's friend Amy, who is apparently a stunt jump roper.)

I struggled to find decent lap times here, but with Seth's excellent coaching and patience (lots of patience!) I have gotten faster all weekend. The biggest adjustment in racing at this level for me is that it simply isn't good enough to be fast. All of the drivers here are fast. Really fast. 10/10'ths fast. For most of this crowd, driving their car at 100% of it's traction through every turn is not an exercises in testicular fortitude,......... it's just what they do. When I back out of the throttle 10 feet earlier or take 10 feet more of track before I am back to full throttle it is enough to put me a second or two behind the competition. It is a tough crowd!

At any rate, I am really pleased with my progress and where we are starting the race in #81.

The racing doesn't start until about 4PM CDT tomorrow so we have lots of time to kill. I have even washed Lynn's car out of boredom.