Lime Rock Park - Bill Heumann

Wow! Seriously, Wow!

The super condensed LRP weekend schedule is over and I am trying to get caught up at home before heading out to WGI tomorrow so this will be a little more brief than usual.

First, how does it feel to get on top of the podium? Well, it feels great! Next to seeing my kids make a major achievement, life just doesn't hand out too many better experiences than this.

The race started a little auspiciously as #80 was suffering from a drive train issue which required a transmission swap that morning. This resulted in Dave missing the grid but JUST making the start from the back as the field rolled. Furthermore, it started raining just as the last race ended and we started the pre race fan walk for our race. One of the great things about racing on a team at this level is that none of this really has anything to do with me. What this means, is that I am not really responsible for deciding much of anything or doing anything but drive. The key is let all the other guys deal with these issues and keep your head clear and focused. I don't have to worry about whether we should run rain tires or slicks. Or if we are going to run rain tires, how they are going to get put on with 10 minutes to go to race time. I just focus on my job. "We" decided to stick with slicks.

As it turns out, the rain stopped by the start of the race and while the track was pretty wet, there was some grip on slicks and within about 5 laps there was a good dry line. I dropped a couple spots in the first few laps to fwd cars but managed to stay running at about 12th with the leaders in sight.

Pit strategy including driver change and fuel was really critical to our success since LRP is so short that you can easily go a lap down if you pit under green flag racing. Our strategy was to make sure we got fuel and the driver change done under a full course yellow. We had a FCY at about 10-15 minutes into the race but this was simply too early to do us any good.

At about the 40 minute mark one of the RX8's ran off hard into the tire wall outside of T4 which brought out another FCY. Dave and I were called in at that point for driver changes which went flawlessly again with help from our crew partners at CMA Racing. For #81 the rest of the race was pretty much what we have seen consistently this year from Seth. He gets in the car and puts down fast lap after fast lap. While two or three other cars had turned some 59s lap times in the race, it usually was one golden lap. Seth turned a bunch of 59's and lots of low 60s laps. For those of us who have been watching Seth grow over the years as a driver, it is great to see his performance. He has been really fast for a long time but in the last two years he has developed the ability to run at top speeds without a bobble. He is like Iceman,... but with a friendly Southern smile!

He worked himself up to second place after a fairly long battle to get around Andy Lally in one of the Kias with a gutsy pass around the outside of T3. The gap to the leader, Lawson Aschenbach in a Compass 360 Honda though was still about 2 seconds and the clock was ticking down. Seth kept closing the gap by about .2s a lap when Lally went off big at T1 causing the safety car to come out. The race went green again with about 9 minutes to go. At about the 5 minute mark, Seth got around Lawson at T1 by virtue of our superior braking (thanks PFC!) and Seth's presumably large gonads.

The only weird aspect of this weekend was our surprise when we found that the Champagne we sprayed and drank was non alcoholic. What is up with that?

Thanks to Duncan Burke and Trevor Hilliar for helping with support their JP for a practice day at LRP. Thanks to the Lime Rock Park Club for all of their support and hospitality. They are super friendly cordial group and I hope to get up there to run with them more during the year.

Thanks to Tyler Munroe for cooking for us all weekend. It was great!